2020 Gambling Design Trends

The year 2020 reached an important turning point in the iGaming sector. We can now see that iGaming companies are putting a lot of effort to make sure they provide the best user experience to there clients with the combination of technology and design. This are exiting times for us designers and its important to always keeping yourself on top of your game by staying up to date with the latest design trends.

Now, let’s take a look at our favorite design trends for 2020:

1- Illustrator

2- White/Dark mode

3- Neumorphism

4- Bold Colours

5- Animated graphics & Micro-interactions

6- Slot game design

7- Isometric

8- 3D

 9- UI / UX

10- Retro Synthwave

You can easily follow amazing designs and trends from each other by following sites like Behance, Dribbble.

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