7 Skills of successful designer

Learn to organise

As a designer, you might end up working on multiple projects at once. You need strong organisation skills to manage all the projects and tasks.

Learn every day

Successful people learn every single day. They read, listen to podcasts or simply learn from the mistakes they make.

Bonus: Stop saying you know it all

Learn to listen

It might sound simple, but we are so used to talking all the tipe. As a designer you are doing a service to others, so listen to what they need.

Put first things first

When working on let’s say 3 projects at once, you need to prioritize which one has the tightest deadline and work on it with the highest priority.

Be proactive 

The client launched the app and it got terrible reviews? It’s not the user’s fault. It’s your responsibility as a designer to make products usable. Dont blame others.

Understand the value

Understand the value you provide. Your design is not just some shapes and letters. It lets your clients build and grow businesses to serve many people.

Be your worst critic

Before presenting your work to the client, review it yourself. Check if it meets your own standards. Ask yourself: if you were a client, would you accept it?