4 UX Principles for Creating an Impressive Website

Nowadays we spend a lot of time navigating websites and using apps. In some cases, our UX experience is more important than our design experience. And all this is due to…

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Highlighting the importance of Social Media and why you need it

Since the 2000’s, social media has had a tremendous change in our world! It has grown from being just the social platforms where we all get to make new friends…

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Top 5 Life-Saving Tips for a Graphic Designer

Whether you have just kick-started your career as a graphic designer  or you have been in the industry for years, I am almost certain that there was a point in…

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Pantone App to Color Match with “Real Life”

The tool will also help creatives adapt to new ways of working following the COVID-19 crisis, according. Colour company Pantone has revealed a digital platform and matching product for designers…

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Most Common Design I-Gaming Operators Make

Currently, many casino operators are still following the design trends of 2008 and showcasing their customers with a classic casino website. The things we notice in those websites are exaggerated…

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10 Very Real Designer Problems As Told By Twitter

  • 05 May 2020
  • Fun

A designer's life isn't always as perfect as a pixel. Low-resolution images, low budgets, bad fonts, if you can relate, they are definitely your best friends. Many users on Twitter…

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360 Degree Panoramic Design With Photoshop

It has been a long time since Facebook started supporting 360-degree photos, but many brands are still not preparing a design using this feature. Of course, you can create amazing…

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Graphic Design Movies Every Designer Should Watch

for a Graphic Designer has a lot to inspire. Yes, these films were not shot for us, but it is not clear who will be inspired by what. If you…

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63 Best Free Photoshop Gradient Packs

I share with you 63 different colors that you can easily use in your awesome designs. 63-63-gradient-files-burakkazancomDownload Don't forget to leave a comment :)

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2020 Gambling Design Trends

The year 2020 reached an important turning point in the iGaming sector. We can now see that iGaming companies are putting a lot of effort to make sure they provide…

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