Graphic Design Movies Every Designer Should Watch

for a Graphic Designer has a lot to inspire. Yes, these films were not shot for us, but it is not clear who will be inspired by what. If you want to suggest a movie, you can write it in the comment section and recommend it to your colleagues.

Helvetica IMDb: 7.2

The feature-length documentary shot by Gary Hustwit embarks on an in-depth journey on typography, graphic design, and global visual culture. The film focuses on the “Helvetica” font. Focusing on the cultural effects of writing, Helvetica invites unknown designers to discuss their creative processes.

Guccı: The Director IMDb: 6.1

It is an extremely impressive documentary film that tells the story of world-famous product and fashion designer Gucci, starting under the creative director Giannini. In this film, he reveals a portrait of a sincere designer examining the past for new inspiration.

Design Is One: The Vignellis IMDb: 6.9

One of the best design documentaries that reflect the creative worlds of the Italian Vignelli couple. Their rich portfolio of products and identity partnerships covers everything on graphics and design. Thanks to this documentary, we witness the magnificent mind and creativity of the Vignellis couple.

Ai Weiwei Never Sorry IMDb: 7,6

Ai Weiwei is one of today’s impressive artists. In the documentary, you will also tell about the fascinating life story of an activist fighting for the people against the Chinese Government, about the photography exhibition he prepared for a large museum.

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight IMDb:7

This film tells the life story of Milton Glaser, the iconic graphic designer of America. He is the designer of the I Love NY logo and also the founder of Push Pin Studios and New York Magazine.

The Visual Language of Herbert Matter IMDb: 7.5

Gorgeous graphic design and amazing photography. It describes how the artist managed to establish a relationship with the present. The film tells how the artist, who gave a new meaning to fine arts, managed to create his own language and walked on the line between art and commercial work.

Print the Legend: IMDb 7.2

Is 3D design a new technological revolution? Many people assume so. This award-winning documentary focuses on the leadership race in the 3D design market. You will watch a magnificent documentary in which technology is uplifted.

Snowpiercer IMDb 7

There is a train and a world that has disappeared in the movie. Events are developing by revolting on the train. The places that designers will pay attention to will inspire your designs with trains, decorations and effects.

Art & Copy IMDb 6.8

The legendary documentary Art & Copy of advertising and creativity. If you are passionate about writing and advertising, this movie is for you. It will change the way they perceive ads forever. The film, which establishes the connection between human emotions, art, and trade, contains facts that will leave deep traces on cultures.

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