Highlighting the importance of Social Media and why you need it

Since the 2000’s, social media has had a tremendous change in our world! It has grown from being just the social platforms where we all get to make new friends and interact with people from different cultures to something more.

In its own way, it is fair to say that it has made the world a much more smaller and interactive place.

Now fast forward to 2020, social media has since seen a tremendous increase in usage, thanks to the various available platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik Tok etc.
Social media has become an important tool for everyone and I dare say, not only for making friends or posting our pets and vacation pictures, but also for business and online marketing.
It has revolutionized the business world due to its easy accessibility all over the world. So its a no brainer that companies are tapping into this to hit their various target market in the comfort of their homes.

Hence, we would like to illustrate the importance of social media marketing and online marketing services we offer to ensure you are ahead of the competition in whichever area of business you specialize in.

Our goal is simple, we study your business and know what areas you need to target and which social media platform you need to ensure that your brand or business is well publicized.


From the inception of time, Marketing has been a tool for all businesses, large and small to get their products across to the public. Utilized in the right way and with the right means, Marketing is crucial for the growth, sustenance and survival of any business. Which brings me to the definition of the term “Marketing”.  Simply put, Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. It’s main goal is aimed at creating relationship and satisfying customers. It is one of the primary components of business management.

So why does your business need social media?

Well, simply because everyone is online! I mean everyone! From kids in their teens to adults. Everyone of us has a social media platform which we use frequently on daily basis.

It is no coincidence then, that the social media industry and marketing go hand in hand in the business world. Solely for the reason that the social media industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world at the moment.

The stats gurus have projected a 25% growth in the social media industry in the next 5years, so it might be penny-wise for businesses to start investing in creating a huge presence on social media platforms to increase visibility globally and building a strong and interactive relationship with old customers as well as reaching out to new ones.


As of January 2019, it was estimated that about 45% of the world’s population use social media, that is more than 2.65 Billion people. It has become one of the most popular online activities globally.
Social media is powerful because it has the ability to reach a huge number of people in any part of the world. It also has the power to influence its users and this is the reason why a vast majority of the revenues generated by these social media platforms are from advertising!

Due to the growing nature of the social media industry, there are numerous social media platforms and each of them has its own unique characteristics and advantage in targeting your market audience if used in the right way.

Below are some of the worlds most used social media platforms and their coverage…


Since its emergence in 2004, Facebook has grown tremendously over the years. It tops the charts on the most used social media platform in the world with over 2.45 billion monthly active users.
Our knowledge of the key statistics on this platform can help your brand in maximizing its advantage in crafting an efficient marketing strategy.
Due to the frequent updates on Facebook, we monitor the key statistics such as Demographics, usage and trends to give you the best insight on how to achieve great success with Facebook marketing.
Did you know that only 10% of Facebook users reside in the US or Canada? But over 48% of Facebook ad generated revenue comes from the US and Canada alone? Now that’s a lot!
It might also surprise you to know that 74% of Facebook users are high income earners compared to LinkedIn’s 49%.


LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for professionals and it mostly enables networking amongst professionals. It helps build you to build a professional portfolio for your brand or yourself, and also help you choose from a variety of options when looking for a suitable candidate to fill any position on your firm or business if you are employing or recruiting for vacant positions.
LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million active monthly users. It would interest you to know that about 40% access it on a daily basis.


Twitter is a very interactive social media platform and has become an important marketing tool for most businesses. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is very brief and precise and allows businesses to captivate the target audience with simple and short ads. There’s always a risk of loosing your customer base with long ads, but the brevity of this social media platform as a marketing tool gives it its uniqueness for quick interaction and feedback’s with your target audience. So it makes sense for most businesses to use it as a marketing tool as Twitter averages 330 million monthly users and 134 million active daily users. Also, 63% of all Twitter users worldwide are between the ages of 35 and 65. It is no coincidence that the leading countries active on Twitter are China(35.5 million) and India(33.0 million) where there are a lot of businesses.


Instagram has grown globally. It has about 1 billion active monthly users, so its no secret that businesses from all works of life have started using it a marketing tool.

With people from all over the globe constantly creating content and posting pictures and videos on this social media platform, it has a huge traffic in terms of users and creates an opportunity for you to showcase your business and give your target audience a very friendly and approachable relationship.
Instagram boasts more than 500 million daily users and the secret to this is that people are highly responsive to imagery. As humans, we prefer to interpret information visually more than digesting written words, hence it has become a vastly popular online visual and interactive marketing tool.

Snapchat, Youtube, Pintrest, Google+ are some of the frequently used social media platforms that we have not elaborated on here but possess a high knowledge on how to utilize them as a marketing tool for your business so feel free to give us your opinion on which marketing tool you would like us to use in connecting with your customer base.


With hundreds of millions of people from all over the world on various social media platforms, it is no secret that it’s a great avenue for businesses of all kinds to showcase their products and services.
But, it must be done properly, and with the right intent to hit the right target audience. Having a high social media presence will only boost your business if it is applied in the right manner as a marketing tool.

So you see its a tricky line to walk, but with our professional help, we can help you direct your business to the right audience and also use the right technique to attract new customers as well fascinate old ones. Keeping it very friendly and subtle is key to achieving this and knowing the needs of your target audience is vital. For example, if you run an online business, your goal is to sell your products, but if every post you share says ” buy this or buy that” you might loose customers very fast. If you are an e-commerce company, you might ask why do I need social media? Well, the answer is because you’ll tend to hit your target audience far more better because of its visibility and brand awareness than you’ll do with email marketing. It goes without saying that knowing how to navigate marketing on social media platforms is as important as having a huge social media presence. It must be done right!
With that said, we have created a few simple marketing strategies to help boost your online presence on social media and ultimately increase your growth as a global brand.


It is imperative that you know your target audience to be successful with the usage of social media as a marketing tool. We can help you analyze the fundamental statistics such to help you nail down your target audience and ensure your company’s exposure where it matters most.


Analyzing your brand, product or services, we can decide together which of the social media platforms will be a great addition to your company and help you connect, interact with your audience more easily.
If you already have a social presence in terms of marketing, we can explore ways to improve it by adding more interacting features that will make it more user friendly.


Our team can run a litmus test on which social media platform represents your brand’s objectives. This will help you choose which social network that adds the most value to your product or brand, hence increasing your visibility to the right target audience. You may be active on the wrong social media platform, but we can help fix that.


Investing in social media marketing services is a necessity! The times have changed and companies are striving to showcase their products more to the public and above all create and build stronger user-friendly relationship with the public in an attempt to boost customer loyalty. Social media marketing is pivotal for the growth of your business and it just might be the missing link to taking your company to the next level.

The facts and numbers don’t lie, but first, let us highlight a few of the notable facts for you;

  • Social media marketing increases Brand Awareness
  • Improves Brand Loyalty from your customer base
  • Improves more Inbound traffic and referrals to your website
  • Guarantees better customer satisfaction
  • Improves Search Engine Rankings
  • Improves Brand Authority
  • Improves sales

As for the numbers, about 90% of marketers claim that social media generated immense exposure for their company. The benefits are numerous and any business not utilizing this resource is missing out on this phenomenal and effective marketing tool.
About 78% of small businesses have used social media to attract new customers and in turn, 33% of customers have identified social media as the means they have identified new brand’s products and services.
63% of consumers who search for companies online are more likely to make use of the companies with a user-friendly social media feature.

These few facts all point to one absolute truth, and that is social media marketing helps to validate your brand to the general public and invariably give your company a platform to grow from strength to strength if applied properly.
So no matter where your target audience is, with the right use of social media, you can maximize your business potential by investing in social media marketing services, preferably ours because we dedicate our energy, resources to making your company a success!

Need more information? Check out our blog on how to turn your business around and give it the exposure it needs to stay ahead of the game.