How not to build sh***y products


What’s the use of designing product with a great user experience that people don’t want?

What if I told you that your traditional UX process is not very user-centric and obstructive?

What if you can save cost, time & still be user-centric?

What if you can be far more iterative and flexible with changes?

Thus the birth of Lean UX

So how lean ux?


Assumptions & Hypothesis

it’s necessary to understand that the Lean UX is a “Why” driven or

You will conduct workshops brainstorming, storyboarding, stakeholder interviews & more
to build assumptions.

These assumptions will help designers to lead to a hypothesis.

Few possible assumptions:

Business Assumptions: If X is done, you will see X growth.

User Persona Assumptions: These are customers, and this is how they look.

User Wants and Needs: This is what my users want and expect.

Feature Assumptions: This feature will improve the experience.


Assumption: Signups are low because users can’t exit the signup and return whenever to complete the signup process without restarting the flow.

Hypothesis: Signups will increase by 50% if the last exit point is restored in the signup flow when the user returns.

Result: Once you have the hypothesis, it’s time to build your user persona.


Build MVP

Once you’ve drafted the hypothesis, it’s time to design and build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

An MVP is the most basic version of your solution. Something bare enough to prove your hypothesis.

Since lean UX involves testing multiple ideas, a rapid-prototype built with tools like Figma or Invision will be enough


User Research and Testing

This is the final phase of the Lean UX process. You validate your MVP with methods like A/B or
User Testing to answer a few questions:

Is the solution sufficing user needs? What can be improved or changed?

or maybe… Your hypothesis is invalid?

Thank you for your support.

Stay tuned for a lot more awesome and handy stuff.

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