Make Signups & Logins Drawers Easier For Users!

The way your registration and login form opens can slow down your users. You are probably opening your form on a new screen. This does not prevent users from registering or logging in, but it can interrupt their task flow.

Opening the interstitial form on a new screen is not ideal because it takes up the user’s current screen and causes them to lose task context. As a result, they will experience a higher cognitive load to remember and complete their tasks after signing up or logging in.

The cognitive load grows when the registration or entry form is difficult to fill. For example, users may make typos or forget their passwords. If they are confused, they will need to make more mental adjustments to continue with their tasks, so sometimes they can forget it completely.

The form drawer also displays a transparent overlay that redirects the user’s attention when the form is triggered. After filling in the form, the drawer will slide off the screen and the coating will disappear smoothly. They will experience a smooth and continuous transition to their screens. Flow will feel like part of their mission.

You can create the most ideal form by monitoring the actions of its users with tools such as Hotjar.

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