Most Common Design I-Gaming Operators Make

Currently, many casino operators are still following the design trends of 2008 and showcasing their customers with a classic casino website. The things we notice in those websites are exaggerated shadows, gold themes, classic stock images. Unfortunately, many operators follow the same style yet the users prefer a more creative and unique website experience. 

There are only a handful of operators have broken these long-lasted taboos and are applying more engaging designs with the latest software trends on their sites and manage to isolate themselves from other operators. 

They are the ones that manage to reach more customers by unique special brand identity.

Here are some of the most common mistakes;

1- Brand Character

Creating a character design that is suitable for the brand identity gives customers a more permanent and enjoyable gaming experience. It is also very effective in email marketing, promotions, advertising, and website. Yet many companies fail to create a proper brand character that suits their identity. 

2- Stock Images

It is not always possible to have photoshoots. That is when we turn into stock images. But those designs you create using the same models or without imagination will not attract customers’ attention and after a while, this will be boring. Even though your customers expect freespin. The first thing that attention is a unique design.

3- Awfully Long Content

You know what they say: Less is more! When reaching your customers, short content should always be preferred as the first step. You should show the customer what they want to see first on the banner and support the details with an impressive landing page or promotion page.

4- VR and AR

VR and AR – Virtual reality and augmented reality are already playing a big role in the gaming industry, but online gambling operators have not yet used these tools to on development of iGaming. 

AR is more suitable for the iGaming industry than VR because it requires fewer gadgets and players can access it from any mobile device at hand, but VR-related possibilities are also quite unusual. Also let’s note that if AR is included in the world of gambling, there will be endless fun game options for customers.

5-  Animation

Create animations are produced every day and we have endless products to create one yet most of the casino operators don’t grasp the concept. By using the latest effective animation trends on websites, social media, landing pages, and banners, you can attract more customers than simple paint animations :).

6- Flat

Casino web sites have a lot of content so the flat design will always make it faster for customers to read and perceive quicker. Flat design is a minimalist type of UI design that used in graphical user interfaces for apps and websites but doesn’t forget to make an effective and impressive design when making flat design otherwise you will have the same style as many websites.

7- Ease

Tips to make your customers feel comfortable, fast, and to encourage to keep gaming will allow the user to reach without changing the screen, such as fast deposit, game search and live support. Find out small but important tips with UX research specific to the website.

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